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Our Story

I’m Alysha, the driving force behind Hello Huey & Huey's Bar. I’m full of excitement, joy, and a whole lot of happiness. I believe that every experience, both good and bad, will eventually get you to where you're supposed to be. And I genuinely believe the purchase of Hello Huey Caravan came along at the perfect time.


Owning a small coffee business was a dream of mine for quite some time, but it always seemed impossible. The opportunity came along, and I told myself I’d never know until I tried it, so that’s exactly what I did., I said yes.


I had a vision: work hard and don't stop until you make yourself proud. I never thought I'd own a coffee and cocktail caravan along with a mobile bar in my twenties!


Huey is my beautifully crafted, vintage style caravan.


Custom built by the talented Jack Wyatt of Crafted Caravans, he is everything we could have wished for in a travel companion.


Huey had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him, and after meeting his second owners Mack & Laura, it was clear that I had found something special. Over the years, I have learnt that this world works in strange and beautiful ways, and I knew that in this case, all I had to do was say “yes”.


Huey has been turning heads and cracking smiles since the day I found him. He is the perfect fit for any event and always promises to be the life of the party.


I cannot wait to bring Handsome Huey and all of his charm, to all of your special events.


Hello Huey’s a crafted vintage-style caravan that has heads turning and cracking smiles wherever he goes. Based on the South Coast, Hello Huey seeps charm and character, presenting a unique statement that all your guests will be swooning over. Beneath Hello Huey's spruced appearance is a caravan that's the life of the party and loves to entertain. 


Hello Huey specialises in providing caffeine rejuvenation, tasty cocktails, and outstanding customer service, with a unique experience like no other. All packages can be tailored to accommodate your wedding or event needs.  


You could say our handsome Hello Huey caravan lives a double life. During the days you can find him serving delicious coffee and providing some tasty sweet treats. When the sun sets, he turns into a true party animal, ready to serve delicious cocktails or other drinks of choice. 


I cannot wait to bring handsome Huey and all of his magic to all of your special events.

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Our Story
Huey's Bar 

This little pocket rocket bar has been custom built out of sustainably sourced Australian red cedar timber, and locally handmade by the very talented Adam Bindley.  



Huey's Bar has a cheeky and entertaining personality! His impressive appearance has everyone's eyes drawn to him the moment they walk into the party.


So if you're looking for a fun and unique way to serve drinks at your event, Huey's Bar is the perfect fit. He's guaranteed to add a bit of extra sparkle to your special day!